Down Wind Rides

Shark Bay to Main Beach

Depart Shark Bay and kite up towards the mountains enclosing the lagoon. Make your way down to the Main Beach. Enjoy an ice cold beer at Pearly’s to celebrate your down winder.

Kraal Bay to Shark Bay

Walk your kite to the lagoon until you have enough wind to get up on. Enjoy a long, staring down winder to Shark Bay situated basically directly across from you.

Main Beach to Paradise Beach or Mykonos

Start at Main Beach and kite up past the island. Aim for Mykonos from there on and enjoy the changing swell and difference in wind. If you wish to go to Paradise Beach, kite up past Mykonos and enter from there.

Langebaan to Saldanha

Launch from Main Beach and make your way to Saldanha. Enjoy a long down wind run with many obstacles and different winds and swells.